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Premium Absinthe Spoons & Slotted Spoons

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Embossed Leaf Absinthe Spoon


The Absinthe Spoon Shop provides both the inspiration and accessories for those who consider drinking absinthe a form of art as so many of us do.

Our Belle Epoque  reproductions of antique absinthe spoons are accurate to the finest detail. We have silver absinthe spoons, gold absinthe spoons and rare, one of a kind pieces.

Absinthe spoons are the most unique pieces of absinthiana. Here is an exclusive collection of Premium Absinthe Spoons designed for the discriminating absintheur.

From the heart of the Green Fairy, in all her timeless allure and ritual, comes the Absinthe Spoon Shop. Please take a look around, enjoy the beautiful style and ambiance and find that unique piece you can call your own. Left: Embossed Leaf Absinthe Spoon

Slotted Card Absinthe Spoon

Absinthe Spoon Feuille


Fleche Slotted Absinthe Spoon



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Caring For Premium Finish Absinthe Spoons

Slotted absinthe spoons with premium finishes such as gold and silver are very soft metals and are easily damaged if cleaned with an abrasive metal cleaner. Never use anything labeled metal cleaner. Use a nonabrasive cleaner such as Maas Metal polish or a product labeled silver polish such as Tarn-X Silver Glaze.
Silver cleaners contain a very mild abrasive and usually a protective coating that will inhibit tarnishing. Most gold finishes will never need to be cleaned or polished and will maintain their luster for many years without cleaning. Silver on the other hand will tarnish very quickly.
Also, never use a premium plated spoon to prepare absinthe using the flaming or Czech method. Not only will this type of preparation make your absinthe tastes terrible, it will also irreparably damage the finish on your absinthe spoon.

Mixing & Preparing Absinthe

Absinthe has a past is full of mystery and myth. Even more obscure than absinthe itself is how to properly perform the Absinthe Ritual

The reason the absinthe ritual has remained unchanged for over 100 years is you can actually taste the difference between a properly prepared absinthe and one that has simply had water added.

The herbs in Absinthe remain dissolved in solution due to its high alcohol content. Absinthe must be mixed with water to release the herbs from the alcohol. When water is poured over the absinthe spoon into the glass, all the aromas and flavors of the herbs are released and the “Louche” is produced. The louche is the milky, opalescent….  Read More 

Absinthe Effect – Is It Real?

Will I feel the same effects from absinthe I purchase in the US as the imported Absinthe? This is a very complicated question indeed. This query has been argued considerably since the ban of absinthe over 100 years ago. 

I have a background in chemistry, bio-chemistry and pharmacology and have done much research on the subject. It is proven that thujone acts on a receptor in the brain that causes alertness, lucidity and clarity…… Read More  

Absinthe Spoon Pricing

Absinthe spoons are priced according to 3 criteria:  Age, Finish and Detail of design. An older or antique spoon will be more expensive than a newer reproduction. Absinthe spoons with premium finishes such as silver or gold will cost more than a standard finish like chrome or stainless steel.

A highly detailed spoon such as the Silver 1889 Eiffel Tower Absinthe Spoon above will also cost more. In short, the cost of the spoon increases with age, a premium finish and detail. There are of course exceptions. A new spoon style that is very rare often will cost more than a typical spoon.

And remember, Amazon and e-bay are not the place to look for a quality spoon. Unfortunately, they mostly have lower quality absinthe accessories designed to have a large profit margin.


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